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XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality Glasses

XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality Glasses

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Discover cutting-edge technology with XREAL Air AR Glasses. These luxury smart glasses offer a captivating 201" micro-OLED virtual theater and allow users to watch, stream, and game on PC, Android, iOS, and Consoles & Cloud Gaming.

Experience a new world of entertainment and innovation like never before.


WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST AR EXPERIENCE: Powered by advanced optic and computer vision tech, XREAL Air offers four experiences:

  • Air Casting,
  • Spatial Display,
  • Virtual Desktop, and AR Space.
  • Join 100,000+ XREAL fans around the world!

VIRTUAL DESKTOP ANYWHERE: Finally you can have the biggest monitor with the smallest laptop whether working from home or on a plane.

The Virtual Desktop mode can turn your laptop into a multi-screen workstation with up to three adjustable virtual screens.

Though still in beta, it offers a PC experience never seen before. (Currently only available on M1/M2 MacBook computers, but coming to Windows soon)

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