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Rokid Max

Rokid Max AR Glasses, Augmented Reality Glasses Wearable Headsets

Rokid Max AR Glasses, Augmented Reality Glasses Wearable Headsets

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Immerse yourself in a revolutionary virtual experience with Rokid Max AR Glasses. Featuring augmented reality glasses, this wearable headset brings your digital world to life in unparalleled 1080P clarity.

Ideal for long gaming sessions, take your game, video, or TV show from your Android/iOS/PC/Tablet/Game Console and enjoy it with extraordinary myopia-friendly portability. A must-have for passionate digital connoisseurs.


Top-tier audiovisual experiences Enjoy cinema-grade entertainment at home, on the road, or wherever you like with Rokid Max.

A Game-changing experience Battle your enemies on the big screen wherever you are, with lasting comfort. Plus, Rokid Max glasses work with almost any console. *Compatible with Switch, Steam Deck, PS4 Slim/5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Max Screen Best View The Rokid Max AR glasses reach up to 215" FHD 1080P OLED display, 50° field of view, 120Hz refresh rate and 600 Nits perceived brightness, vibrant visuals in every video and game.

Glasses that make all the right sounds Rokid Max provides professional-grade acoustics, delivering a discreet yet delightful listening experience.

Constant comfort Adjustable nose pads, 75g ultra-lightweight, and carefully calibrated front-to-back balance ensure a comfortable fit for almost any face.

Effortless clarity Rokid Max's built-in myopia correction from 0.00D to -6.00D, friends and family with different eye prescriptions can all share an equally clear and hassle-free AR experience.

A sight better than usual Certified by TÜV Rhineland, Rokid Max passed the Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Eye Comfort(AR) tests. You take care of having fun, and we’ll take care of your eyes.

Just you yourself and AR The Rokid Max AR glasses reduce forward light leakage by 90%, so your AR experience is for your eyes only.

One glasses All entertainment HDCP support means you can legally cast movies and TV shows from around the world to your Rokid Max AR glasses - and skip the hassle of dealing with multiple remotes.

Light feels just right Connect your glasses to your devices with a soft, ultra-thin 2.7mm cable that's so lightweight you'll forget it's there.

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