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MOJO2 Open Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Sports Headset

MOJO2 Open Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Sports Headset

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Experience an unparalleled level of sound quality with MOJO2 Open Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. This sports headset boasts a secure fit and IP67 waterproofing, perfect for vigorous activities such as running and cycling. An 8-hour playtime and deep bass frequencies create a rich and immersive audio experience, taking everyday workouts to the next level.


Premium Bass: With Mojo2’s patented 3rd generation Maglev-Bass actuator, the added oscillators in the low frequency range tripled the vibration acceleration for an increased bass response rate, decrease latency, and ultimately a deeper and rich bass experience.

Open-Ear Safety and comfort: Bone conduction technology delivers audio through the cheekbones, keeping your ears open to your external environments and potential dangers. The bud-free & pain-free design minimizes ear canal damages and eliminates ear fatigue or possible ear infections; making it much safer and comfortable than traditional headphones for sports, work, and everyday life.

Lightweight and Secure Fit: The Mojo2 features a unique vertical design that enhances gravity distribution allowing it to stay securely in place even during extreme sports. Made with durable yet flexible titanium alloy with soft silicone padding and weighs only 26g, the headset is made for prolonged wear with comfort.

Ultimate Sweatproof and Easy to Clean: With an IP67 rating, Mojo2 is built to withstand dust, sweat, rain, and snow, ensuring you keep up with your training in any weather and condition. The hydrophobic nanocoating resist the corrosive nature of sweat for intense workouts and the entire headset can be washed in water after use. * Not suitable for swimming

8H Playtime with fast charging(at 50% volume): A single charge can provide 8 hours of continuous music and podcasts to keep you energizes during your training. Extend the usage with a 10-minute quick charge for 90 mins of additional playing time. The magnetic charger of the MOJO2 bone conduction headphones is upgraded for a faster and more stable charging experience. Together with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip for a more reliable connection, you can stay connected throughout the day. * A full charge gives you 1 month standby time.

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